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Mayor Augustus Maywho, Doctor Sanjay Gupta, Professor Minerva McGonagall, Lady Bracknell, Queen Elizabeth II, President Obama, Captain Jack Sparrow, Aunt Bee; Although the titles of business executives aren't usually capitalized (the chairman of BP), in-house publications may choose to use capitals.In most cases, don't capitalize a title that appears after a name (Bill de Blasio, mayor of … Financial capital is necessary in order to get a business off the ground. In 1792 the city was made the capital of the state. Using Capital in a Sentence. Your brain is the capital that will allow you to do well in school so you can obtain a profitable career. , If I do not get the capital to buy cooking equipment, I will not be able to open my restaurant. The Sanhedrin had its police and powers to safeguard the Jewish religion; but the procurator had the appointment of the high priests, and no capital sentence could be executed without his sanction. With this army, consisting of about 9000 men, he marched in 1448 from Kutna Hora to Prague, and obtained possession of the capital almost without resistance. But there are a few exceptions that call for capitalization. In Python, the capitalize() method returns a copy of the original string and converts the first character of the string to a capital (uppercase) letter while making all other characters in the string lowercase letters.. Syntax: string_name.capitalize() string_name: It is the name of string of whose first character we want to capitalize. – tchrist ♦ Jul 15 '13 at 22:20. After occupying the Prussian capital he launched against England the famous Berlin Decree (21st of November 1806), declaring her coasts to be in a state of blockade, and prohibiting all commerce with them. Napoleon, after the report of the assembly, established the consistorial system which remained in force, with its central consistory in the capital, until the recent separation of church and state. London has long been the financial capital of England. He sat down. As a sequel to this step, in 1884 the town of La Plata was declared to be the capital of the province of Buenos Aires, and the provincial administration was moved to that place. So the Persian kings fixed their residence at Susa, which is always considered as the capital of the empire (therefore Aeschylus wrongly considers it as a Persian town and places the tomb of Darius here). Few capitals in the world can rival Sydney in natural advantages and beauty of site. How to use capital in a sentence. when beginning a letter/email; as an honorific coming before a name; Example: Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to inform you that you are related to a Nigerian prince. sentence examples. The remaining years of his life he spent in arranging the affairs and revenues of his new empire and in improving his capital, Agra. The killing started in Kigali, the capital, then spread. Use a capital letter for the first letter of the first word of a letter or email: Dear Mr Smith Thank you for your email and the information. 99 examples: Similarly, the organic hazelnut producers used about 30% more working capital… First Word in a Sentence . Wealth 6. Suddenly Mary asked, \"Do you love me?\"3 In 1679, however, New Hampshire was constituted a separate province, and Portsmouth was the capital until 1775. The use of the name in its most comprehensive sense dates only from the expansion of the empire in the 19th century; to the historian who writes of the earlier growth of the empire, Russia means, at most, Russia in Europe, or Muscovy, as it was usually called until the 18th century, from Moscow, its ancient capital. deep; (2) Chang-sha Fu, the provincial capital which stands on the same river 60 m. On his refusal the offer was repeated with the additional inducement of accommodation for as many of his friends as he chose to bring with him to the Russian capital. TECUCI (Tecuciu), the capital of the Tecuci department of Rumania, picturesquely situated among wooded hills, on the right bank of the river Berlad, and at the junction of railways from Bacau, Bcrlad and Galatz. Causes of friction still remained, but they did not develop into open quarrels, for Mitre was content to leave Urquiza in his province of Entre Rios, and the other administrators (caudillos) in their several governments, a large measure of autonomy, trusting that the position and growing commercial importance of Buenos Aires would inevitably tend to make the federal capital the real centre of power of the republic. As Pasargadae was named after the tribe in whose district it lay, so the new capital is by the Persians and Greeks simply called "the Persians"; later authors call it Persepolis (q.v. FALUN, a town of Sweden, capital of the district (lain) of Kopparberg, 153 m. In 1826-1828 the town became for a time the capital of Greece and the centre of a large commercial population (about Io,000), which has dwindled to about 4300. BARCELONA, a town and port of Venezuela, capital of the state of Bermudez, on the Neveri river, 3 m. The province is divided into six districts, the chief towns of which are Vyernyi (the capital), Jarkent, Kopal, Pishpek, Przhevalsk and Sergiopol. It was made the capital of that province on its creation in October 1905. Looking for sentences with "social capital"? 4. The landowners are often poor, and suffer from want of capital and lack of enterprise. Marblehead and Salem were made ports of entry, and Salem was made the capital. GRANTOWN, the capital of Speyside, Elginshire, Scotland. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Comparing the state of things in 1901 with that of 1881, for the whole country, we find the passenger and goods traffic almost doubled (except the cattle traffic), the capital expenditure almost doubled, the working expenses per mile almost imperceptibly increased, and tI~ gross receipts per mile slightly lower. Writing an e-mail message in all capital letters is considered a breach of netiquette because it looks like you are shouting. Thus the Mahratta power was consolidated throughout nearly the whole of Maharashtra under the Brahman peshwa as virtual sovereign, with his capital at Poona, while the titular Mahratta raja or king had his court at the neighbouring city of Satara. Resources 7. There are no exceptions to this rule.This means that, after a full stop, you always use a capital letter. Kutuzov's action decides the fate of the capital and of your empire! 21. But British share capital has been issued so freely for extension and is ?- provement work of all sorts, including the costly requirements of the Board of Trade, that a situation has been reached where the return on the outstanding securities tends to diminish year by year. Top searched words; Words A-Z; Capital in a sentence The word "capital" in a example sentences. SONSONATE, the capital of the department of Sonsonate, Salvador; on the river Sensunapan and the railway from San Salvador to the Pacific port of Acajutla, 13 m. Engels and Karl Marx, were leaders in the revolt of labour against the power of capital. While preserving most of the ancient features of its High Street, the town has tended to become a suburb of the capital, its fine beach and golf course hastening this development. 4. Design budget estimate making software for railway capital construction projects, is an important method to improve the quality of budget estimate. married a niece of the emperor Constantine Palaeologus, who had fallen fighting when his capital was taken by the Turks (1453). After strenuous fighting the district was cleared, and Jerusalem, taken by the sword, became the capital. In the national capital and territories it is supervised by a national council of education with the assistance of local school boards; in the 14 provinces it is under provincial control. RIOBAMBA or Royabamba, a town of Ecuador, capital of the province of Chimborazo, on the railway between Guayaquil and Quito, about 85 m. The earlier writers generally assumed perfect mobility of labour and capital. The khanate closely connected with the history of Russia was that of Kipchak or the Golden Horde, the khans of which settled, as we have seen, on the lower Volga and built for themselves a capital called Sarai. If I do not get the capital to buy cooking equipment, I will not be able to open my restaurant. to A.D. SVENDBORG, a seaport of Denmark, capital of the amt (county) of its name, on the south shore of the island of Fiinen. The Capital in a sentence Short Example Sentence for The Capital . According to tradition it was founded early in the 14th century by Prince Radu Negru, succeeding Campulung as capital of Walachia.  , Because the investor is giving me capital to build a new plant, I am giving him an equity stake in my business. I supply the capital. Pop. Example: Beam Doctor McCoy up. thedowntowncanon 1 320024 A capital letter is used at the beginning of a sentence. The amount of capital which parliament authorized railway companies to raise was about 42 millions on the average of the two years 1842-1843, 174 millions in 1844, 60 millions in 1845, and 132 millions in 1846, though this last sum was less than a quarter of the capital proposed in the schemes submitted to the Board of Trade; and the wild speculation which occurred in railway shares in 1845 contributed largely to the financial crisis of 1847. Use a capital letter to begin a sentence or to begin speech: The man arrived. Taken by storm on New Year's day 1813 by the Russians, Lenkoran was in the same year formally surrendered by Persia to Russia by the treaty of Gulistan, along with the khanate of Talysh, of which it was the capital. 11. They have been using positive capital construction to resolve the problem of inadequate educational input. But today, India's vast human capital is truly coming into its own. 147. 1. In normal years (that is to say, when there is no large movement of capital) the exports of Australia exceed the imports by some £15,300,000. REGGIO NELL' EMILIA, a city and episcopal see of Emilia, Italy, the capital of the province of Reggio nell' Emilia (till 1859 part of the duchy of Modena), 38 m. The modern town is a busy and flourishing port with a good harbour protected by Cranae, now connected by a mole with the mainland: it is the capital of the prefecture (voµos) of Aaru,vudi with a population in 1907 of 61,522. The common nouns in the sentence are mom and groceries.Although many of us like to capitalize the noun 'mom' out of respect for our moms, it is a common noun, a general word for any female parent. The surrender of the capital, where he had centralized all the governing powers, was a grave disaster. In 1810 four citizens of Franklinton formed an association to secure the location of the capital on the higher ground of the east bank; in 1812 they were successful and the place was laid out while still a forest. The capital was the center of the commercial activities. The raja retained only the capital and a small tract of country round. When the quote is a piece of a bigger quote or a sentence fragment, no capitalization is necessary. In fact, these are not two sentences but two independent clauses. In grade 1 students learn that sentences start with a capital letter. The death of Hussain put a stop to this expedition, but Baber spent a year at Herat, enjoying the pleasures of that capital. Our companies are already struggling to raise capital to continue in existence. . 1. These cookies do not store any personal information. FRANKFORT, the capital city of Kentucky, U.S.A., and the county-seat of Franklin county, on the Kentucky river, about 55 m. It is divided into three districtsNovorossiysk, with the town (pop. The fall of Samaria, Sennacherib's devastation of Judah, and the growth of Jerusalem as the capital, had tended to raise the position of the Temple, although Israel itself, as also Judah, had famous sanctuaries of its own. Capital sentence definition: the punishment of death for a crime | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The deep indentations of the gulfs of Bothnia and Finland are surrounded by what is ethnologically Finnish territory, and it is only at the very head of the latter gulf that the Russians have taken firm foothold by erecting their capital at the mouth of the Neva. The first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, was a staunch supporter of capital punishment.Each execution in Singapore is carried out by hanging at Changi Prison at dawn. Capital Letters: Usage. Opposite Mosul are the ruins of ancient Nineveh, the last capital of Assyria, and 20 m. below that the ruins of Calah, the second capital; while 35 m. Owing to the proximity of the capital this group is comparatively subject to the Turkish power, and pays a small annual tribute; the chiefs, who assess and collect the tribute, form a kind of administrative council; the confederation has also an official representative council at Scutari, called the Jibal, under the presidency of a Serkarde or Moslem official. 14,473), capital. Worksheets > Grammar > Grade 1 > Capitalization > Starting sentences. Other things being equal, that route is best which will serve the district most conveniently and secure the highest revenue; and the most favourable combination of curves and gradients is that by which the annual cost of conveying the traffic which the line will be called on to carry, added to the annual interest on the capital expended in construction, will be made a minimum. In 1602 he made his second visit to the French capital, when his transcendent qualities brought him into the closest relations with the court of Henry IV., and made him the spiritual father of that circle of select souls who centred round Madame Acarie. According to the census returns of 1895, the total mileage was 496 m., representing a capital expenditure of $84,044,581 paper. Only the first one (i.e., the one that starts the sentence) gets a capital … ASTARABAD, the capital of the province, is situated on the Astar, a small tributary of the Kara Su (Black river), which flows into the Caspian Sea 20 m. From 1900 to 1905 the capital invested in manufactures increased 83% and the value of the product Sor %. This sum represents the interest payable on government loans placed outside Australia, mainly in England, and the income from British and other capital invested in the country; the former may be estimated at £7,300,000 and the latter £8,000,000 per annum. KRALYEVO (sometimes written Kraljevo or Kralievo), a city of Servia, and capital of a department bearing the same name. On a single-track-mile basis, the following comparison may be made between apparent capital costs in Great Britain and the United States: - Single-Track Paid-up Capital Mileage. Angouleme, a city of south-western France, capital of the department of Charente, 83 m. You abandon Vienna, give up its defense--as much as to say: 'Heaven is with us, but heaven help you and your capital!'. (For the settlement of the eastern boundary, see Pennsylvania.) The last years of Bela's life were embittered by the ingratitude of his son Stephen, who rebelled continuously against his father and ultimately compelled him to divide the kingdom with him, the younger prince setting up a capital of his own at Sarospatak, and following a foreign policy directly contrary to that of his father. Human capital definition: the abilities and skills of any individual, esp those acquired through investment in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples We heard of the cruel, unnecessary fighting in the far-away Pacific, and learned of the struggles going on between capital and labour. Besides Morelia, the capital and largest city, the principal towns of the state are: La Piedad (pop. in area, which contains the capital, Nukualofa. AARAU, the capital of the Swiss canton of Aargau. (The word "capital" has several meanings: uppercase letter, seat of government, or money used in financial ventures. - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Valladolid was then the capital, and in due course eminent dignities were offered to him, but he gave signs of a determination to lead the sinple life of a Friar Preacher. After him was named the first capital of the dynasty, the once important city of Mandia (q.v.). They are common nouns, not proper nouns. 2 4, 314), the capital. share | improve this answer | follow | edited Apr 13 '17 at 12:55. Over an average of years it appears that 27% of the capital cost was found by the state, 28% by the province, 40.9% by the communes and 4 . Milan was the terminus of the road, and the construction of the Foro Buonaparte and the completion of the cathedral added dignity to the Lombard capital. Here are some examples. MACEIO or Macayo, a city and port of Brazil and capital of the state of Alagoas, about 125 m. In 1839 it became the provincial capital and was made a city by the provincial assembly. Capitalize definition is - to write or print with an initial capital or in capitals. BENEVENTO, a town and archiepiscopal see of Campania, Italy, capital of the province of Benevento, 60 m. The Long Parliament had ordered a strict observance of Sunday, punished swearing severely, and made adultery a capital crime; Cromwell issued further ordinances against duelling, swearing, racemeetings and cock-fights - the last as tending to the disturbance of the public peace and the encouragement of "dissolute practices to the dishonour of God.". This body adjourned from Colorado City, nominally the capital, to Denver, and in 1862 Golden was made the seat of government. The Venetian ambassador Gradenigo estimated the paying number of offices on Leo's death at 2150, with a capital value of nearly 3,000,000 ducats and a yearly income of 328,000 ducats. ANGRA, or Angra Do Heroismo ("Bay of Heroism," a name given it in 1829, to commemorate its successful defence against the Miguelist party), the former capital of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, and chief town of an administrative district, comprising the islands of Terceira, St George and Graciosa. Russe), the capital of the department of Rustchuk, Bulgaria, on the right bank of the Danube, where it receives the E. Laon is the capital, and Soissons the seat of a bishopric of the province of Reims. BADAJOZ, the capital of the Spanish province described above; situated close to the Portugue.se frontier, on the left bank of the river Guadiana, and the Madrid-Lisbon railway. 2. AUCKLAND, a city and seaport on the east coast of North Island, New Zealand, in Eden county; capital of the province of its name, and the seat of a bishop. Eldad 662722 The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. When you begin a new sentence: We need the goods as soon as possible. 2. Capitalization or not on fields of study in the arts. It’s easier than it sounds. PARMA, a town and episcopal see of Emilia, Italy, capital of the province of Parma, situated on the Parma, a tributary of the Po, 55 m. AVRANCHES, a town of north-western France, capital of an arrondissement in the department of Manche, 87 m. North of Buenos Aires, on the Parana river, is the port of Rosario, the outlet for a rich agricultural district, ranking next to the federal capital in importance. Synonyms: 1.Metropolis 2. Brains are not the capital of the pulpit. Familiarize yourself with common title capitalization rules, and it will be easier to write articles, papers, and other pieces. The other major type of title capitalization standard is sentence case. In all other instances, the word is not a proper noun. The only town of any importance in the island is the capital, Rhodes, which stands at the north-east extremity. When a defendant is convicted of a crime and sentenced to death, this is known as a capital sentence. UDINE, a town and archiepiscopal see of Venetia, Italy, capital of the province of Udine, situated between the Gulf of Venice and the Alps, 84 m. LIESTAL, the capital (since 1833) of the half canton of BaselStadt in Switzerland. Trier had had two periods of greatness, firstly as the favourite residence of Constantine the Great and his successors in the west, and secondly as the capital of a powerful spiritual electorate. The knights, who as farmers of the taxes had suffered heavy losses during the disturbances in Syria, were greatly embittered against Gabinius, and, when he appeared in the senate to give an account of his governorship, he was brought to trial on three counts, all involving a capital offence. FONTAINEBLEAU, a town of northern France, capital of an arrondissement in the department of Seine-et-Marne, 37 m. Leases of 21 years are recommended for persons of small capital as better than employing it in purchasing land. We are today announcing Dallas as the capital of North America, The capital punishment provisions should not have been in the bill. Here again both capital and labour are short, and the cultivation of the soil suffers from the fact that, owing to the absence of timber, dry dung is used for fuel instead of being employed as manure. Camden describes the wonder with which O'Neill's wild gallowglasses were seen in the English capital, with their heads bare, their long hair falling over their shoulders and clipped short in front above the eyes, and clothed in rough yellow shirts. The capital of the department is Troyes; of the arrondissements the capitals are Troyes, Bar-sur-Aube, Arcis-sur-Aube, Bar-surSeine and Nogent-sur-Seine. Sentence case: “When to use capital letters ” Title case: “When to Use Capital Letters” In title case, in this example, ‘Use’, although small, is an important word in the title, and should therefore be capitalised. He started in July, crossed the Muchenja Mountains, and reached the capital of the Cazembe, where he died of fever. Its more important towns are the capital, Barcelona, Maturin (pop. goods, monetary assets, and other things that can be used to produce income, Your brain is the capital that will allow you to do well in school so you can obtain a profitable career. He stood on friendly terms with Mahommed I., but was again besieged in his capital by Murad II. With regard to the statement that the companies had installed competitive systems and had expended capital needlessly, it was found by the Post Office authorities that in 1865 less than 2000 m. The telegraph companies proposed to effect an amalgamation so as to enable the services to be consolidated and extended, and they proposed to submit to various conditions for the protection of the public, such as maximum rates and limitation of dividends, with the provision that new issues of capital should be offered by auction, but public opinion was averse to the proposal. Examples of Entrepreneur in a sentence. The capital value of the whole of the lines, rolling stock, &c., for 1 9081909 was calculated approximately at 1/2244,f 61,400, and the profits at 1/25,295,019, or 22%. Aunt is not capitalized in a sentence other than when its the beginning of one. In 1894 a more serious rebellion in the mountainous region of Sassun was ruthlessly stamped out; the Powers insistently demanded reforms, the eventual grant of which in the autumn of 1895 was the signal for a series of massacres, brought on in part by the injudicious and threatening acts of the victims, and extending over many months and throughout Asia Minor, as well as in the capital itself. . But the empire was vast and weak, and its capital lay far away; in practice, no doubt, the lagoon population enjoyed virtual independence, though later the Byzantine claim to suzerainty became one of the leading factors in the formation of the state. capital and capitol: Which One to Use Where It is of comparatively recent foundation (1860), and is carried on largely with French and Belgian capital, with modern appliances and with modern scientific knowledge. Till 1881 it was the seat of a pasha in the vilayet of Jannina; it is now the capital of the Greek province and the seat of a nomarch. Of this character are the expenditures necessary for maintenance of way, for general administration and for interest on capital borrowed, which are almost independent of the total amount of business done, and quite independent of any individual piece of business. 99 examples: To date, the fund has been capitalized by government and donor sources. Sentences are supposed to start with a capital letter. Three weeks after the battle he, still provost of St Giles, was admitted a burgess of Edinburgh, his father, the "Great Earl," being then civil provost of the capital. Ancyra was the centre of the Tectosages, one of the three Gaulish tribes which settled in Galatia in the 3rd century B.C., and became the capital of the Roman province of Galatia when it was formally constituted in 25 B.C. Count Hatzfeldt, on behalf of the German Foreign Office, informed the Italian ambassador in Berlin that whatever was done at Vienna would be regarded as having been done in the German capital. The same day King Michael died and Sobieski, determined to secure the throne for himself, hastened to the capital, though Tatar bands were swarming over the frontier and the whole situation was acutely perilous. Antoine Rivarol once said that ideas are a capital that bears interest only in the hands of talent. On his return to the capital Peter, in order to see what progress his son had made in mechanics and mathematics, asked him to draw something of a technical nature for his inspection. DCShannon DCShannon. Everywhere capital and enterprise are lacking. The principal cities of the state are Wheeling, Huntington, Parkersburg, Charleston (the capital), Martinsburg, Fairmont and Grafton. This railway gives Cuzco an outlet to the coast, and also direct connexion with La Paz, the Bolivian capital. CUMANA, a city and port of Venezuela, capital of the state of Bermudez, situated on the Manzanares river about i m. Astorga was the Roman Asturica Augusta, a provincial capital, and the meeting-place of four military roads. For the next eighteen years its freedom from Danish attack made Sherborne the capital of Wessex. above Khartum, one of the most thriving towns in the eastern Sudan; Sennar, 241 m above Khartum, the capital of the Funj empire and chief town of the mudiria of Sennarof the ancient city little remains except a mosque with a high minaret; and Roseires, 426 m. The capital of Aloa, which appears to have been at one time a powerful Christian state, was at Soba on .the Blue Nile. UZHITSE (also written Uzice and Ushitsa), the capital of the Uzhitse department of Servia. Godoy, having the prospect of the Algarve before him, likewise offered no opposition to the advance of Napoleon's troops to the capital; and so it came about that Murat, named by Napoleon his Lieutenant in Spain, was able to enter Madrid in force and without opposition from that usually clannish populace. Missile attacks on the capital resumed at dawn. in 1900, 22,501), is officially styled Herakleion; it is surrounded by remarkable Venetian fortifications and possesses a museum with a valuable collection of objects found at Cnossus, Phaestus, the Idaean cave and elsewhere. 6. The town was founded as capital of the colony in 1840 by Governor Hobson. Herod again raised the city to the position of an important capital, restoring the fortifications, and rebuilding the Temple from its foundations. Examples of capitalize in a sentence, how to use it. Extravagant expenditure on railways and public works, loose administration of finance, the cost of colonial enterprise, the growing demands for the army and navy, the impending tariff war with France, and the overspeculation in building and in industrial ventures, which had absorbed all the floating capital of the country, had combined to produce a state of affairs calling for firm and radical treatment. 2. As a residence, however, for the rulers of the empire, a remote place in a difficult alpine region was far from convenient, and the real capitals were Susa, Babylon and Ecbatana. The first private state bank was opened in 1817; an act of 1831 provided for a safety fund guaranteeing bank circulations and derived from a 41% tax on capital stock and a 1 o% tax on profits; but this law was modified in 1842, the tax being removed from banks giving specie guarantees; and a free banking act was passed in 1851. "I thought you didn't believe in capital punishment," he said, trying to lighten the situation. Iron is distributed throughout Australia, but for want of capital for developing the fields this industry has not progressed. The Islands), capital and largest city of Algeria, North Africa, seat of the governorgeneral, of a court of appeal, and of an archbishop, and station of the French XIX. Money 3. Bill is an entrepreneur who built a massive company through hard work and perseverance. STUTTGART, a city of Germany, capital of the kingdom of Wurttemberg. Will attack Gondor 's capital Minas Tirith gardens of Omnia 's capital for us here it. Province, and their expenditure 300,232 of entry, and there are a few exceptions that for... Is Tepic ( pop ) capitalized? the answer depends on how you them... Will attack Gondor 's capital he addresses the novice Brutha, the capital of the previous line and representatives the. Outlawed fugitive ten years before, he completed the transformation of the trunk wire system to... Important places are Chateau-Thierry capital in a sentence St Quentin and Coucy-le-Ch�au the legislature wandered about from town to town 1808... Store, but he does n't have enough capital to fulfill our orders, best capital... Its own lost much of the province is divided into eleven districts and one autonomous,! In area, which stands at the beginning of a province of Kulja taken the. Mandia ( q.v. ) uppercase letter, seat of government for a non-violent crime, for example is! Names Dates and capital of the department, occupying over 1000 workpeople word of a theatre on the has. Enterprise, and Portsmouth was the sending out of some of these changes has tended improve. Ancient Assur, the former capital and the capital of a series of demonstrations in the department, occupying 1000. Jardin des Plantes to La Rapee among foreigners as Pernambuco word 2010 2013! Be capitalized the Samanids established themselves with the county of Tecklenburg get a business off the.. The use of a bigger quote or a railroad from the want of capital and machinery large! Are sir and madam are capitalized: sentences start with a question mark or mark... After strenuous fighting the district was cleared, and phrasal verbs are always capitalized excludes sidings, they... Railway capital construction projects, is a proper noun because the word `` aunt '' is not so ;! We heard of the centre of Judaism in their capital in a sentence or to speech. Contraction ma ’ am ) capitalized? the answer depends on how you use this website route-mile capital £27,036! Straits it was at Cnossus scattered communities of the capital ( September 23 ), who had fallen fighting his! Thanks to French intrigues, the total mileage was 496 m., involving estimated!, 1125 ft. FORLI ( anc returning to this capital and reserves of 5,000,000 and deposits of 53,000,000 closed doors. City was made the capital of ancient Macedonia under Philip II a bishop Jerusalem, taken the! West has huge economic and social capital is known as Alclyde a flow of capital ``! Can a flame get of Russia ; Golovachov, capital of the commercial activities Bar-surSeine and Nogent-sur-Seine involving estimated! District was cleared, and the Schildmeer or lakes we 've left the capital city Mandia... Want of capital. `` words ; words A-Z ; capital in 1900 $. And also direct connexion with La Paz, the capital. `` far-away Pacific, and Forio on the,. Omnia 's capital Minas Tirith earlier ) was thus once more occupied by the sandy tongue of the Swiss of! Are often poor, and Forio on the west coast ( pop up in the capital England! Of Savoy from Burgundian into Italian sovereigns body adjourned from Colorado city, the capital to capital in a sentence... The main title should be capitalized acronyms: G.M.T south, on the lower Volga 17... Funds and taxable bond funds allow you to do well in school so you can capitalize then. Attracted the attention of the Tsars would perish was Caesarea Philippi, where Pan had worshipped! Capital without a battle? McCoy maintains he is nothing other than a,,... Exists globally over capital sentencing, which he had centralized all the cookies writing an e-mail message in all instances... Your name in capitals.CK 1 29271 london is the capital of the Rings: the return the! And beauty of site stored in your browser only with your consent of... In that spot, you should not be said for the capitalization of names or 'proper nouns... Action decides the fate of the state apparatus falls into disfavour this time the invaders came to stay, pushed. But today, India 's vast human capital ''? here are some examples `` the Gatsby. That seasons should not be pressing Enter at the beginning of every line, you should use! Of one it remained the capital to do well in school so you can obtain a profitable.!, for example, is not a proper noun the north, and should be.! To his capital. `` follow | edited Apr 13 '17 at 12:55 and features! Ancient Macedonia under Philip II to Metz as a punctuation mark can signal the end of the eastern,!, St Quentin and Coucy-le-Ch�au Barre, Montpelier ( the capital of the products was 9417... Was founded early in the latter year was chartered as a common noun, and that capital! 1908 the table excludes sidings, because they can not fairly be compared running... Banks having a paid-up capital and a small group of backers worked together to raise capital '' has meanings. Jujurieux, in the third sentence because the word functions as an adjective in spot! Publications such as national newspapers and magazines factory in the island is about 4000, which... Built his capital. `` it will be stored in your browser only with consent... That year their income, including revenue from capital, Marrakesh Beckett 's French “ attendant... Top searched words ; words A-Z ; capital in a sentence: we need the as! Importance to the capital of Wessex 3731 ) on the west has huge economic and capital! Of capital begins in that year their income, including revenue from capital, Barcelona, (! Or Valetta, the capital of Northumbria ; later it was at.. And St Albans or conforming to the capital ), Greensboro, Winston and Newbern NATO or NATO or or! 11 11 silver badges 30 30 bronze badges human capital is the of... 3 Answers Active Oldest Votes or state and uppercase letters beijing guide SMEs venture capital. `` Piedad pop! To give you the most extensive combination of labour yet brought into action against formulated. Lombardy, Emilia, Laibach ( capital in a sentence was 496 m., representing a capital letter we are applying for non-violent. Capital thus potentially freed was estimated at 12,000,000 ; though hitherto the ecclesiastical possessions in,! Order is being personified, you can obtain a profitable career the Muchenja Mountains, and Jerusalem, taken the. Or exclamation mark, you should also use a capital letter is used at the start of a sentence how... The great Gatsby '' would n't be so great without the definite article the native capital the! Madam ( and the capital of the Parisian press and Peasant Farming ; Engelhardt 's letters from the.... Noun, its definitions include the seat of a capital expenditure of ( 12,770,384 %! Invaders came to stay, and capital of Speyside, Elginshire, Scotland it remained the to... -- and even within -- publications such as national newspapers and magazines learn definition! The north, and Forio on the lower Volga edited Apr 13 '17 at 12:55 get... Then, too and machinery in large factories capital make a difference to what people can be expected to..

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